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PROFILE.... hopefully a regular feature on the site M Newstead FarEast Champion 1963-64

Foreword, by Vinny (the webmaster)
Often, (especially after a pretty gruelling bout of shadow boxing which he invariably looses) Pony ends up rambling about "th' ould days"

During these increasingly rare occasions when he can actually recall events further back than 'Last Night!' Pony talks very fondly of quite a few of "the lads" who (quite obviously) make up his true 'Family'. In planning this website venture, Pony suggested we include some profiles of characters who have in the past played, and continue to play, quite a big role in his life.

The name Michael Newstead comes up in conversation over and over again, especially since this website project began, so this is my first article entitled 'A Profile' .. PLEASE CLICK HERE to view

Pony wants this to be a regular feature on the site, so we need some assistance here, including background info (Boxing related of course) and maybe the odd photo (well, the photos maybe shouldn't be too 'odd'!)
Of course the person 'in profile' will have to grant permission for any inclusion on the site, and to that end

We must insist that proofs of any content intended for inclusion on this website will be first made available to those mentioned in articles for their approval.

We must also request permission be obtained (where possible) from all identifiable persons depicted in any photo or graphic which is submitted for inclusion on the site

Only when we receive such permissions to proceed, will any article or part, be included in the website.
Contact either Pony or myself for more info and we'll be glad to try and help