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Reunion 2018

Reunion 2018

Our Annual Reunion '2018' took place in sunny Portsmouth where on the Friday night we hosted the Inter Service Champions at an Association Boxing Dinner Show. The venue was the newly refurbished South Parade Pier.

Turn out was slightly below normal, but highly enjoyable nonetheless.
Presentations were made to Dale Randle for his services to RNRM boxing, outgoing President, Micky Shone, BEM, Events Secretary, Alan Dolman, Secretary, Phil King and Treasurer, John Hardman.
The attendees responded with cheers and warm applause and I thank all of these men for their great service to this Association.

Sat, Morning saw 34 Members hosted aboard the Royal Navy’s newest and largest warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth for a great tour of the ship and what a visit it was! The hospitality and fabulous welcome we received was second to none. My sincere thanks to Graham Blick, Jason Rogers, the PT staff and our hosts from the QE boxing team and others who showed us round. Every one of them was a credit to The Royal Navy, the ship and Navy/RM Boxing. Thank you all!

After the visit most of us retired to a sun soaked Gunwharf Quays for a few beers. Sat night saw us meet up at our usual venue at The Havant Ex Servicemens’ Club for a splendid Cabaret night with guest artist, Paul McCoy who brought the house down with his songs and Merseyside humour.
After Rum Issue everyone danced the night away and spent time catching up with old friends. A great night, I am sure, was had by all.
Thanks were again passed to outgoing Events Secretary, Alan Dolman, Secretary Phil King and Treasurer, John Hardman, all of who were present.
Members responded with grateful applause for fine service to The Association.

New Secretary, Paul Kelly and Treasurer Barney Barnett were then introduced, and suggestions offered regarding the venue for next year’s 2019 Reunion as, by recent popular demand members agreed that taking our Reunion to other areas in the country would be prudent, in order to attract those members who do not usually attend.

Following a request for a show of hands, Caerphilly in Wales was a narrow winner over York.

We have previously held two highly successful Reunions in Caerphilly, and the new team will soon be hard at work in its organisation, Continuing our success and reputation as the most active ex service sports Association in existence!.

Chairman Tony Bevel speaking on behalf of both outgoing, and new Committee members, thanked all who attended for making it another memorable weekend. 

and in other news (Not Fake)... from our undercover reporter Vinny(Pony)Moore

I hadn't heard a peep from Wayne Green in an absolute age!, so you can imagine my surprise when I actually got to speak with him VIA VIDEO just a few days ago!?
Wayne, as most of the gang know, moved back to his beloved Trinidad quite some time ago now, and for all sorts of reasons we'd kinda lost touch.
It was therefore a great surprise, and a real pleasure, to find he has recently joined the 21st century and got himself on Facebook!
Well. one thing lead to another, and I soon found myself chatting with 'the Wayner' via this new-fangled video messaging service thing.
Gosh isn't it just wonderful what can be done with these telephone thingies now?*(see editors note below)

Anyway, Wayne is (as I said) now on Facebook, and is quite looking forward to hearing from his old shipmates and members of our association.
He is shouting out to everyone to visit his page, and also would be delighted to 'catch up' with anyone interested via this all new video link thingy.
Now it appears that the letter 'e' fell off his name since Wayne left the UK, because his Facebook profile is for Wayn Green !!
So looking for his page on Facebook, .. search for WAYN, ..and not WAYNE
(editor's note - Pony says that its obviously something to do with Brexit !?)
Of course if you're talking with Wayne, you can tell him 'You heard it here FIRST'

*(editors note) when we think of Pony, especially with regard to new technology, it must be in the knowledge that he recently spent an hour trying to make a phone call to us here in the website office, on his TV Remote control unit!! ("an easy enough mistake to make" [he says] "coz the remote and me mobile are the same colour"!!)
and for those who wonder why we call him our 'under-cover reporter', .. this hardly refers to his 'clandestine, or 'covert' methods of news gathering.... but more to the in-ordinate amount of time he spends in bed!