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RN-RM EBA Committee News, ... changes to the line up!Micky_Shone

From our Chairman TONY BEVEL
"Dear Members,
It is with much pleasure that I introduce the new President of The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Ex Boxers Association: Micky Shone., BEM
Micky takes over from Commander Rod Robertson, MBE, who becomes Honorary Life Vice President.
On behalf of you all I would like to thank Rod for his outstanding support since the creation of the Association.

A former RN-RM EBA Chairman, Micky has always had the Association's best interests at heart, and I am delighted that he has accepted the Presidency.
We go from strength-to-strength! and I'm sure you'd wish to join me in welcoming Micky into this important post as our senior member.
The Association Committee stands; with myself as Chairman , Phil King, Secretary and Alan Dolman, Events Secretary, .

Getting to know our Treasurer
Nominated and proposed by Alan Dolman, and seconded by Phil King,  John Hardman was duly elected to the post of RN-RM EBA Treasurer.
John took over the post from Tony Bevel, who had been doubling as Treasurer along with his position as Chairman.

NEWS JUST IN (Not Fake)... from our undercover reporter Vinny (Pony) Moore

I hadn't heard a peep from Wayne Green in an absolute age!, so you can imagine my surprise when I actually got to speak with him VIA VIDEO just a few days ago!?
Wayne, as most of the gang know, moved back to his beloved Trinidad quite some time ago now, and for all sorts of reasons we'd kinda lost touch.
It was therefore a great surprise, and a real pleasure, to find he has recently joined the 21st century and got himself on Facebook!
Well. one thing lead to another, and I soon found myself chatting with 'the Wayner' via this new-fangled video messaging service thing.
Gosh isn't it just wonderful what can be done with these telephone thingies now?*(see editors note below)
Anyway, Wayne is (as I said) now on Facebook, and is quite looking forward to hearing from his old shipmates and members of our association.
He is shouting out to everyone to visit his page, and also would be delighted to 'catch up' with anyone interested via this all new video link thingy.
Now it appears that the letter 'e' fell off his name since Wayne left the UK, because his Facebook profile is for Wayn Green !!
So looking for his page on Facebook, .. search for WAYN, ..and not WAYNE
(Pony says that its obviously something to do with Brexit !?)
Of course if you're talking with Wayne, you can tell him 'You heard it here FIRST'

Whilst talking with 'El Presidente' the other day, Micky happened to mention the provisional dates for Next Years Re-Union.. 18th-19th May 2018!
And you heard THAT here first too! also, as-well..

*(editors note) when we think of Pony, especially with regard to new technology, it must be in the knowledge that he recently spent an hour trying to make a phone call to us here in the website office, on his TV Remote control unit!! ("an easy enough mistake to make" [he says] "coz the remote and me mobile are the same colour"!!)
and for those who wonder why we call him our 'under-cover reporter', .. this hardly refers to his 'clandestine, or 'covert' methods of news gathering.... but more to the in-ordinate amount of time he spends in bed!

The THREE MUSKETEERS strike again!

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! they could just be knocking on YOUR door SOOoooon.