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Congratulations to our team! UKAF Winners 2018
For the first time since 1983 the RN-RM Boxing Team has won the UKAF Inter-Services Team Boxing Championships (Formally the CSBA)
Well Done! .. Click HERE to see some photos



NEWS UPDATE AUGUST   from the webmaster

In a July meeting of the committee the subject of the position of President (vacant since the resignation of Micky Shone) was raised and finalised. During the discussions, one name was uppermost through-out. I am now delighted to announce the choosen person has accepted his nonination, and therefore we are pleased to welcome our new President ..
Gordon Mc.Bride
Gordon, as most of us already know, has been a prime mover and power-house in our organisation since he first proposed its foundation way back in the mists of time (the 1970's)

Is it just me who hears the clang of a bell, and the voice announcing..
 "Seconds Out!.. Round Two!"


NEWS UPDATE JUNE   from the Chairman

Dear Members,
I hope you have all recovered from last weekend, and wish firstly to thank you all for your great support. Many of you remarked on the superb visit to HMS Queen Elizabeth, and I have written to the organising officers to express your thanks.
I trust you feel the weekend was another success, although at the moment, with accounts yet to be completely finalised, it appears we made a loss.
And Now to the future:
A number of you commented that the boxing dinner shows may have run their course, and that the overall preference is to stage further reunion weekends as purely that - to meet up and just enjoy ourselves with our friends, and in different areas of the country.
To this end the Committee, consisting of myself, Paul Kelly our new Secretary and Barney Barnett, Treasurer, have acted quickly following your vote.
Next year’s 2019 reunion will be held therefore in Caerphilly on Friday and Saturday the 31st of May and the 1st of June;
Please kindly put these dates in your diary.
The weekend will consist of a Saturday golf competition, two social evenings on the Friday and Saturday, (hog roast!), a Spa Day for the ladies, and a local attraction visit.
We have also booked entertainer, Paul McCoy again following his great appearance last weekend.
We are of course always open to suggestions and we hope this meets with your satisfaction.
Thank you all and best wishes,
Chair Sig  


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