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England Boxing Team 1978 Commonwealth Games
The England Boxing team 1978 Commonwealth Games.

Pony handed me this photo to-day, He got it from his pal, and RN-RM EBA Member, Paul Kelly, and asked for it to have an 'airing' on the site.
It's exactly what I love about this website, and what it's for, and I wish we had more of this stuff.
Now I'm not saying this is the direction I think the site should aim for. No, it's just that (we think) it is important to look back at the members and their (recent?) history. And this should take it's place alongside the also very interesting 'Present Day' happenings.

Warning! .. visitors may find the image below very disturbing, .. please shield from those of a nervous disposition.Pony_with_trophy1987

Anyone know who this is? There's no prizes for guessing/knowing the answer, but let us know your thoughts....
Better just tell us who you think it is. Most people's shock and horrified comments/thoughts might not be printable anyway.

Those of a strong disposition may view the enlarged versions by double-clicking on the err... image!


The webmaster apologises to visitors to the website, especially those of you who happened upon thisFlashing arrow page/graphic whilst in the process of ingesting food or drink, we recommend the Heimlich Maneuver!.
As can be seen here, the passage of time has caused serious, and very obvious degradation, .. and the photo hasn't fared too well either!