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The three Musketeers, ... a Tale of a Quest ?The Tree Musketeers

This is best imagined in the form of an interview, with the three of them in their place of comfort .. a pub!
 ( "any pub, so long as the glasses keep filling up!" says the three)

These three
, .. Dave Robb; Colin Day; and Karl Jones are RN-RM EBA members, and great mates. They spend a lot of time providing work for bar staff whilst reminiscing on the old days, and the friends they have made.
I don't know who, or which one of the trio is the spokesperson, as when I ask a question during our 'interview', I am answered by which-ever one's face isn't distorted by the prism of a beer glass bottom! ....

So, .. Lads, .. who thought up the idea of calling yerselves The Three Musketeers? ...
Three gurgles, gulps and slopping sounds, eyes rotating between the three of them, tells me it was a collective decision,
and not a good enough reason to interrupt the more important job of refreshing the parts other beers can't.

Ah!, .. I see...Right!, .. so tell me then about this quest idea you've come up with?

"Well", says Colin Day, as he gazes at the empty glass before him, "we were thinking one evening, about the great guys we have got to know during our services days, ..... and especially the great men we have encountered. Some have had such a great influence on us and our lives, both whilst in the service, and indeed even after we had left". He looks at the other two who nod into their glasses, then carries on. "We decided that we should do something to show how much we appreciated their friendship, guidance, and their care during our services time, and especially during our boxing careers". ....
His eyes glaze over, and I think, 'he's coming over all emotional', but then I realise he's just remembered his glass is empty, and he franticly endeavors to catch the eye of the barman!
"Yeah! ... 'an we decided we'd better make a list of the guys we'd like to thank, for their kind and helpful care of us", says Dave Robb, having managed to un-wrap his right hand from the glass he just set down, "We've got a good few names now, and we decided to get out-n'-about, .. to visit each and every one of them in turn, .. just to  have a bit of a laugh,  to thank them, ..  'an spend some time yapin' about the good old times, .. and maybe even the troubled times too", .. he pauses for a moment, then continues "because some times the troubled times were when these guys were the most help to us, .. y'know?"

Well now, are you going to tell me a little about this 'Quest' you're starting out on, .. for instance, .. who's on your list, and who is to be your next 'victim'

Silence for a minute  as the three look at each other, then Karl Jones leans across the newly filled glasses and in a lowered voice says
"Well now Vinny, .. we could, ... but then we'd have ta kill ya!"
and the three whoop with laughter. "But seriously though Vinny", he continues, "we don't want to let the cat out of the bag. You see, the idea is we want to surprise these guys, and so giving you the names would not be a good move eh? .. Seeing their names on the blooming website might just be a bit of a giveaway...!"

"Actually we've already completed two mission now!" says Dave  Robb, "so we can tell you about THOSE, .. but not the others, .. members can just read about our quest, and wonder ..WHO'LL BE NEXT!"" ...
So Far we've surprised .. Leo Toms; (click and read his report) and Gordon Mc. Bride; (click and read his report)

More laughter, more drink, and then I get the low-down (complete with pictures) on the Victims..
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