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Our 2018 REUNION .. News Update....

From Alan Dolman

Hello everyone!,
You should know by now that the reunion will held over Friday 18th - Sunday 21st May.

The Dinner Boxing Show will take place at the South Parade Pier,  the Pier has undergone a massive refurbishment and I must say is looking really great,     In the past we have had some wonderful Dinner Boxing Shows there

On Friday 18th the bar will open at 1830 with everyone to be seated by 1930. 

Dress as always is Black Tie. The new owners of the Pier are providing security staff, so please make certain you come properly dressed otherwise you could be refused entry,

Cost of the Dinner is £50.00 per head,  and  payment can be made by BACS ,  (sort code and account number is available from me or the Association Treasurer).

Those wanting to pay by cheque can send a post dated cheque for 1st March,  to me at

26 Maylands Road
P09 3NP


UPDATE 12 April 2018 from the Chairman

Dear Members, It is with sadness that I announce the resignation of our illustrious Treasurer, John Hardman as of the 31st of May 2018. John has been a key member of your Association Committee and much of his great work goes unseen and below the general radar. I cannot praise enough the highly efficient manner with which he has conducted and managed your financial affairs. He will be sorely missed and I am sure you will join with in echoing my thanks to John for his fine service to this great Association. Thank you, John.
The post for John’s replacement therefore is now open to volunteers from the membership. The ideal candidate should be willing to voluntarily commit the necessary time and effort to control the Association’s financial affairs and work closely with the Chairman and other Committee members. A good knowledge of Excel Spreadsheets will be highly advantageous. Names please to the Chairman or Secretary please, and thank you.

  Tony Bevel, Chairman.

The web team awaits details of the complete schedule of events for the weekend
these will be posted on the Reunion page as soon as we have them

OTHER NEWS...    Semaphore 'Standing Bye' for signals from the flagship